Work Experience Student builds ROV


SeaVision's parent company ATSA is always working to research & develop new tools for new applications. On June 28 ATSA hosted Year 11 Work Experience student, Rebecca Atcheson who is studying Electro-technology at Newcastle TAFE.

During her five days of Work Experience Rebecca was set the task to make her own Battery powered ROV from scratch, following steps from the book 'Build Your Own Underwater Robot' by Harry Bohm and Vickie Jensen. The finished product, named 'B-ROV' was constructed out of standard plumbing PVC pipe and modified bilge pumps. Rebecca also undertook tasks such soldering and painting.

On her last day Rebecca successfully demonstrated her vehicle to our staff in ATSA's 8 meter test tank. The B-ROV is able to yaw left, right, and to thrust forward, back, up and down using its three thrusters.

NBN B-ROV News Report NBN B-ROV News Report (3773 KB)

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