Boost for Australian Subsea Support

01-Apr-2011 The support for subsea devices dependent on electronics connectivity has taken a major step forward with the expansion of connector services from SeaVision.  

SeaVision Technologies is the equipment and component arm of ATSA Defence Services. It commenced distribution of the Danish based MacArtney Underwater Technology range last year. 

“The growth in demand for cables and connectors designed for rigorous underwater applications has accelerated in step with the use of more sophisticated equipment used in offshore cable, submerged infrastructure and drilling operations,” said SeaVision’s Neil Hodges.  

“Underwater instruments are entirely dependent on the reliability of cable connections that demand sophisticated termination designs. These range from basic electrical, advanced fibre optics and high load stress termination.”  

“With the addition of the full range of MacArtney connector technology, Australian users of ROVs, towed systems, seabed corers, ploughs and diving systems now have the support to assure their operations,” Neil said.

MacArtney TRIAXUS Telemetry Unit

MacArtney FOCUS 2 ROTV System

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